Birthday and Baseball

I had the pleasure of celebrating my birthday here in Nagoya. I’m really fortunate to have met some really great people here in Japan who made the day extra special. We had a night out on the town including a sushi dinner and a lot of karaoke! I couldn’t have asked for a better Japanese birthday!

Sushi, sushi, sushi!

The next day, NUCB planned another excursion for us to visit Nagoya Stadium to watch a Chunichi Dragons baseball game. We got the VIP experience with a tour of the stadium, a viewing of the Dragon’s practice, a Q&A session with the Dragon’s Marketing and Management staff, a ton of swag and great seats for the game. Since baseball is Japan’s national sport, it is a very interesting market to look at. Hearing from those responsible for managing the Chunichi Dragons was really insightful and interesting to compare  the industry in North America to the industry here in Japan. There were large groups of fans with flags, signs and instruments cheering for each team which really created an amazing atmosphere for the game. We even had a chance to meet the mascot, DOALA!

Nagoya Stadium


GO Dragons GO!

All in all it was a great week! School is starting to pick up quite a bit since the term is ending in 3 weeks. However,  a typhoon hit Nagoya this weekend so I had plenty of time  to get a lot of homework and preparation done for my upcoming presentations. It wouldn’t be Japan without some crazy weather!

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  1. calamus says:

    I definitely took some brand-new information from this.
    It’s great that you used your time to do this. I once more find myself personally using up a bit too much time simultaneously reading and/or commenting. Oh well, it was still beneficial.

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