Enjoying the Nagoya Sites

It has been an excellent week of classes and enjoying the tourist-sites that Nagoya has to offer. My class schedule has been 100% finalized and I am taking Topics in International Politics, Japanese Language, Understanding Japanese Copyright Law and Global Marketing. What is even more interesting than the topics themselves, is the discussions we have in class. I get to hear perspectives from many individuals from different cultures and countries. This makes the international aspects of the course that much more educational and thought-provoking.

On my day off, I had the chance to check out Nagoya Castle. This is a beautiful place in the middle of a park about a 40 min walk from where I live. This castle is more than 400 years old and we had the privilege of hearing about its great history from a volunteer guide name SHO. The castle was burnt down during WWII so the inside looks very new and was turned into a museum. It was a beautiful site to see!

Our tour guide SHO!

Next, we visited the Higashiyama Zoo. The zoo was great and they had a lot of cool animals that I’ve never seen before. I may return soon since they allow the public to feed certain animals every Sunday. While it was a beautiful zoo, they had polar bears and you could see the bears panting and drooling from the heat (~40 C). I wasn’t too pleased with this and I wish there was something I could do to help. However, this is incredibly difficult when you can’t speak the language in order to talk to someone about it. Nevertheless, I did enjoy the day and seeing all the animals.

My last stop of the week was Midland Square. This skyscraper is almost 250m tall and you can see a panoramic view of the city from the top floor. This view made me realize how large Nagoya is (3rd largest city in Japan). The skyline seemed never-ending.

View from Midland Square

Visiting all these great places has shown me what a beautiful city I live in and how much of it I still have to discover! I can’t wait!

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