All Settled In

The first week is over and I finally feel all settled in. I’ve been doing a lot of shopping the last few days picking up random things that I never thought of purchasing before, like dish rags, kitchen cleaner, and hangers. I’ve also experienced strategic grocery shopping on a budget. I’ve learned that fruit is too expensive and you should always check if you can buy things at the 100 yen store before purchasing them at the supermarket.

Along with all my household items and groceries, I managed to buy myself a cell phone from the local SoftBank. I went with a group of friends and the store called the customer service line for us so we could speak to someone in English. Ironically, I was the one chosen to speak to the gentlemen on the phone since I had the strongest English. I never thought I would be the go-to person in the group to try to communicate with people in Japan, but I guess it has some sense to it. After some confusion and many questions, we were able to come in the next day and get our phones, prepaid cards, and for an additional price of 1115 yen, a phone charger. (I’m not sure why I would buy the phone without the charger, but whatever).

After an errand-filled weekend, classes started on Monday, beginning with Contemporary Japanese Culture, taught by a Canadian professor. This class is interesting to say the least. Assignments include, keeping a journal, standing in a train station with your eyes closed to listen to the sounds, and going to a Sento to participate in public bathing. While these are definitely not activities I planned on doing when I came to Japan, I came here to push myself out of my comfort zone and it seems like this class will definitely do that. I’ve also started my Japanese language class, so here is hoping I can learn enough Japanese to at least understand what the clerk is saying to me at the grocery store!

Now that I’ve started my routine, I’m looking forward to doing some sightseeing this week to Nagoya Castle, Skytower, and Higashiyama Zoo. I will be sure to post some pictures soon.

By the way, I did find one familiar item at the supermarket….

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