New Housing and New Faces

I’ve now been living in residence for the last 3 days and it has been great. The Chiyoda residence for NUCB is beautiful and the rooms are kept in amazing condition (fully equipped with a much-needed air conditioner). I have my own private room with a small kitchen, private bathroom, washing machine, desk, TV and even a balcony! Check it out!

In addition to moving into such a nice room, I met my new classmates for the next few months at orientation. There is about 35-40 international students and the majority come from all over Europe and Hong Kong. Everyone is very friendly and all seem very excited to be here!

During orientation, we registered for our classes, got a tour of the gorgeous NUCB campus and were given an opportunity to become well acquainted with each other. So far, everything is excellent. The only downside is that we take public transportation for 1 hour each way to the NUCB Campus from Chiyoda Residence and public transportation is quite expensive (~600 JPY each way) but the NUCB staff is hoping to get us discounted rates in the next week or so. (fingers crossed).

Well classes start on Monday and I’ve got to hit up the 100 Yen store to get some household items for my room so I will post again after the weekend! Happy Labour Day long weekend!

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