Day Before Departure

After almost two years of planning for exchange, I am finally getting on a plane and heading to Nagoya, Japan tomorrow. One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned while preparing for this exchange is that patience is a virtue. (Especially considering I only received my visa in the mail 4 days ago!) Needless to say, these past couple of months have been filled with paperwork, applications, emails and above all, waiting. Now that all of that is done, I am ready to embark on what I hope is the adventure of a lifetime.

I’ve been packing for what seems like weeks! Trying to figure out what I will need in the next four months is difficult to say the least. What should I bring? Should I buy it there? Do I need this? I can definitely say that I am pretty sure I have over-packed (including 6 different coats and jackets, depending on the weather conditions of course).

Another thing I have been doing in preparation for this exchange is spending time with friends and family. They are all very excited for me, giving me advice and asking plenty of questions. The most popular question I’ve been getting from them all is: “Are you ready?” While I often answered “I think so”, today I feel like I can finally say “Yes, I’m ready”. I’m ready to discover a country that is completely different from my own. I’m ready to learn a new language. I’m ready to be completely thrown out of my comfort zone. I’m ready to jump right in and experience life abroad. I’m ready!

Now just one more day…

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2 Responses to Day Before Departure

  1. Curtis says:

    You’ve been packing for the last few weeks?! I was planning to pack a few days before my flight! Now you’re making me nervous…. haha. Just received my own Visa in the mail yesterday, was planning to have a couple weeks to relax before I head out mid September but looks like I should start preparing a little earlier if I’m to be as ready as you are. Maybe I’ll see you around 🙂 I’ll post a link to your blog when I start my own.

    • Jessica Ireland says:

      I started packing all my winter clothes a few weeks ago and got everything ready so I knew what I was missing. That way, yesterday, all I had to pack was my everyday clothes and products 🙂 It is far less stressful! I look forward to reading your blog.

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